Clouds & Camping

by theprimodonna

We’re camping enthusiasts…have been for a long time…began with carrying tents and minimal supplies on the back of our motorcycles.  We’ve graduated to a motor home named Peggy.  She’s a 27′ Class C affectionately dubbed “The Love Shack”.  Quite simply because we love everything about traveling together in Peggy.  It’s all good.  She’s a work in progress and we enjoy talking about the places we will see and the way we will adapt the space to our needs & tastes.  This brings to mind a Bible passage I was reading in Numbers about the children of Israel as they followed the cloud above the tabernacle.  Sometimes the cloud would settle in overhead and they would camp…sometimes for days…sometimes weeks, and on occasion just overnight.   Now being a camper, I know the change that takes place when you think you’re going to stay put for a while.  You unpack.  You settle in.  You set up the canopy and pull out the chairs.  In other words, you get comfortable.  God didn’t give them the information about how long they were going to stay.  He didn’t forewarn them they would be leaving the next day.  The passage says “When ever the cloud was taken up, they would journey” Num 9:22.  They didn’t get comfortable.  Maybe the lesson is to remember our time in any place is short.  Today may be the only day we have to make a difference in the lives of those around us.  Or maybe God’s plan is to set us on a journey that will cause us to leave the comfort of our camp.  Either way, just as the children of Israel experienced, it’s about following His command.  “At the command of the Lord they remained encamped, and at the command of the Lord they journeyed.” Num 9:23.