What’s Cooking?

by theprimodonna

I am loving my evening.  The house is all mine, and I’m working away in the kitchen.  What’s Cooking? Just took a pot of White Chocolate Rice Pudding off of the stove to set for a bit.  I have some beautiful brown Willow House ramekins that I’m going to use for serving.  While it cools I am working on the Merlot Cherry Sauce.  Afterwards some prep work for a Corn Souffle I’ll assemble tomorrow.  Tomorrow I am spending Thanksgiving with my sister, Laurie & her husband Mike.  She’s promised me homemade quiche for breakfast as an incentive to get up early and head to her house.  I’ll definitely take her up on the offer.  In addition to the Corn Souffle & Desert, I’m in charge of the wine.  We’re going to start out with Dom Bertiol Proseco to accompany some brie & phyllo appetizers. (We might pair this with the quiche if I get there in time!)  For conversation & cooking we are both Cab lovers so the choices are ’07 Starmont and my new friend “Decoy”.  Dinner we’re going BIG Tuscan, ’06 Masi Campofiorin and at the end of it all serving Jackson Triggs Vidal Icewine, Proprietors Reserve with the rice pudding.  I’m looking forward to a relaxing day, and so thankful to be spending it with my sister.